About Us

The South Charlotte Sports Report was founded in June 2006 with the goal of delivering positive news on the youth and active families of the South Charlotte / Northern Union County markets.  We now publish 20,000 copies of The South Charlotte Sports Report every other week and we strive to serve as a positive contributor to the South Charlotte way of life.  In the summer of 2007 we added SCSR Action Photography as a division of our company.  With first-class professional photographers and a commitment to affordable prices and great service, we began to offer high-quality photographs of the youth in our community in action.  In one year's time over 1 million photographs have been viewed on our website. In addition to offering action photos, we now serve as the official photographer for many area athletic associations and schools.  Our photography plans deliver a win-win situation for the associations and  schools by combining affordable pricing, the hottest items in youth sports photography and a great fundraising plan.

If we can ever be of assistance for your next game, tournament or event, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 704-906-5466 or email Tripp@southcharlottesports.com